IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT - ECVA has reopened our 3712 Southwestern Boulevard, Orchard Park, NY location. New & Improved!   

   IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT - ECVA has reopened our 3712 Southwestern Boulevard, Orchard Park, NY location. New & Improved!   

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Intraocular Lens (IOL)

Intraocular Lens provided by ECVA Eye CareLike your eye's natural lens, an IOL helps you see by focusing the light that comes through the cornea and pupil, focusing the light onto the retina. The retina converts the light rays into signals that are sent through the optic nerve to the brain, where they are interpreted as the images we see.

Traditional and Premium (Accommodating) Intraocular Lenses

There are several types of artificial lenses that are available to cataract patients today. These include:

  • Premium or Accommodating Lenses - those that flex like the eye's natural lens
  • Multifocal Lenses - designed to see near, intermediate and far through their lens' optics
  • Toric Lenses - designed to treat astigmatism

When your cataract is removed, you will have the opportunity to correct the need for prescription glasses. Depending on the type of implant chosen, some patients may not require glasses ever, even to read!

Premium Lens Implant

Accommodative Lens IOLs provided by ECVA Eye CareHas your ECVA doctor told you that you are in the early stages of developing cataracts or suggested that refractive lens exchange would be a good vision correction option? If so, you might want to consider premium lens options. Premium lens implants have been helping people over 40 and cataract aged patients have the active lifestyle they has when they were younger. The surgeons of ECVA have been trained in the latest intraocular surgery techniques involving lens implantation with multifocal, accommodating, and toric lens implants also referred to as premium lens implants.

Traditional Lens Implants

Monofocal Lens IOL for Astigmatism provided by ECVA Eye CarePrior to the new premium lens implant technologies enabling people to see at all distances the only option for lens implants after cataract surgery were known as MONOFOCAL. This meant that the lens implant is only capable of one distance (FAR, MIDDLE, OR NEAR). For years patients would have monofocal lens implants but the require eyeglasses after cataract surgery. In many cases patients would option for a good distance lens and just use glasses for reading or when needed in close proximity.

ECVA offers a comprehensive choice of Intraocular lenses (IOLs) depending on your vision needs and recommendation of your ECVA surgeon.

Learn more about Intraocular lenses (IOLs) from

Traditional or Premium?

View the following video for additional information on IOL options.
IOL options provided by ECVA Eye Care


Emerging Lens Implant Technology

This intraocular lens technology has advanced swiftly to dramatically improve a patient's ability to see with lens implants after cataract surgery or even as refractive lens exchange before the development of cataracts. Some of these new intraocular lens implants might even be a better vision correction option than LASIK eye surgery depending on your prescription and age.


In the past with LASIK eye surgery our doctors could correct myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism. Now with the advent of premium multifocal IOL lens implants the giant burden of presbyopia can now be corrected. Presbyopia affects a vast part of our aging population and often requires bifocal glasses. People in their mid-forties that have trouble with reading and typically experiencing the first effects of presbyopia.


Toric Lens IOL for Astigmatism provided by ECVA Eye CareAstigmatism causes a distortion or can blur when viewing both near and far objects. A Toric lens can be used to round and smooth the cornea to improve vision.

What are my choices for Premium IOLs?

ECVA offers several options for IOLs. Your surgeon will discuss options and with the assistance of ECVA's highly trained IOL counselors help you understand the choices you have to achieve the best vision possible.

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