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Contact Lenses

Thinking about Contact Lenses?

Technology in Contact Lenses continues to evolve. While we can fit patients with nearsighted and farsighted vision with the latest in lens technology, today's contact lens options include correcting for astigmatism, colored contacts to enhance the color of your eyes, bifocal contacts and lenses designed to enhance the vision of such conditions as keratoconus as well.

Soft Lenses

Soft lenses are the lens of choice for the majority of both lens wearers and contact lens practitioners alike. These lenses come in a multitude of designs, materials and lens replacement modalities.


Soft lenses can be used to correct nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism and even bifocal needs. There are many manufacturers lens types to choose from. Your Eye Care Professional will assist you in choosing the correct lens for you.

Lens Replacement Modality

The replacement modalities of soft lenses have many different options. Quarterly, monthly, biweekly and daily options are all available to contact lens wearers. The most popular options to most Eye Care Professionals are the monthly and daily replacement schedule. Discuss your options with your contact lens practitioner to choose the replacement modality which is best for you.

Colored Lenses

While the demand for colored contacts has diminished, these lenses do still exist and as a matter of fact are becoming available in the latest, healthiest lens materials. If you have been wondering if colored lenses were right for you, visit Air Optix for a virtual trial.

1st Time Contact Lens Wearer Insertion and Removal Tips

If you are like most 1st time contact lens wearers, you will some difficulty with the insertion and removal process. If you already have your 1st pair of lenses or have an upcoming appointment to try contact for the 1st time, this instructional video will provide some useful tips.

Rigid Gas Permeable Lenses/Hybrid Lenses

While prescribed less frequently than their soft lens counterparts, these lenses are invaluable to many contact lens wearers whose prescription and/or eye condition do not allow them to see properly with traditional soft lenses. Individuals with high amounts of astigmatism, corneal irregularities and keratoconus often have their vision and quality of life enhanced by wearing these specialty lenses. At ECVA, we have contact lens practitioners trained to fit lenses such as Rose K and SynergEyes Hybrid lenses to assist these individuals.

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